A Berry Good Time

by Young Victorians

We recently drove south along the oh-so-scenic Hwy 1 to Swanton Farms, located just past the two-stop-sign town of Pescadero, to pick Olallieberries (pronounced oh-la-leh). Olallieberries are the result of genetic experimentation back in the 1930s; scientists crossed the loganberry and the youngberry, and voila—the olallieberry. For the layperson, these berries are basically a marriage between blackberries and raspberries.

Perfecting berry picking strategy--it's a demanding sport

Not knowing much about proper berry picking etiquette, we gleaned the following advice at the farm: When berry picking, you should follow the general guideline of two berries in your mouth for every berry in your box. Done!

With some 7 pounds of berries between us, there will be much tart baking and jam making experimentation in the kitchen in the coming days. What are your favorite berry recipes?


Ella & Juliette

PS Swanton farms also has U-Pick kiwis which will be in season come November / December. We are already counting down the days…

(photos by juliette tang)